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Wedding Party Flowers - by Red Bank Florist

No matter how big or small your wedding party is, we’ve got just the thing to help everyone look their best. See our selection of boutonnieres, corsages and more. We’ll make sure every member of your wedding party looks impeccable. To arrange an appointment, call us or fill out our consultation form today!
White Whisper Wristlet [T200-4A]
My First Boutonniere [T193-3A]
Gardenia and Grace Bouquet [T187-1A]

White Orchid and Rose Corsage [T196-5A]
Style and Grace Bouquet [T181-1A]
Orchid Celebration Boutonniere [T202-1A]

Graceful Orchids Corsage [T196-6A]
Blissful White Boutonniere [T202-9A]
Blush Rose Bouquet [T186-1A]

Beautiful Blush Corsage [T196-3A]
White Gloves Boutonniere [T203-3A]
Lacy Rose Bouquet [T186-2A]

Sweet White Bouquet [T186-3A]
White Tie Boutonniere [T203-5A]
Dreamy Pink Wristlet [T196-4A]

Sunset Beauty Wristlet [T201-2A]
Pink Rose Splendor Bouquet [T190-1A]
Country Romance Boutonniere [T202-2A]

Hero's Blue Boutonniere [T202-7A]
Rose Meadow Bouquet [T191-1A]
Fancy Orchids and Roses Wristlet [T200-2A]

Bold and Blue Boutonniere [T203-4A]
Pink Rose Garden Bouquet [T191-2A]
Beloved Blooms Corsage [T200-3A]

Purple Love Wristlet [T200-5A]
Pink Sorbet Bouquet [T194-1A]
Rose Simplicity Boutonniere [T202-6A]

Soft Lavender Corsage [T201-8A]
Lady Love Bouquet [T194-2A]
Perfect Purple Orchid Boutonniere [T202-8A]

My Pink Heaven Bouquet [T194-3A]
Fresh in Fuchsia Boutonniere [T203-1A]
Purple Promise Wristlet [T201-5A]

Exquisite Orchid Wristlet [T201-9A]
Green Orchid Boutonniere [T202-3A]
Passionate Embrace Bouquet [T194-7A]

Sunset Orchid Boutonniere [T202-4A]
Chic and Stunning Corsage [T201-1A]
Bright Love Bouquet [T194-9A]

Country Rose Bouquet [T194-4A]
Let Love Shine Corsage [T201-3A]
Grand Gladiolus Boutonniere [T202-5A]

Martha's Vineyard Bouquet [T194-5A]
King's Red Rose Boutonniere [T203-2A]
Sunswept Corsage [T201-7A]

Luxe Lavender and Green Bouquet [T182-2A]
Big Night Orchid Corsage [T201-6A]
Soft Green Glamour Wristlet [T200-1A]

Lavender Heaven Bouquet [T194-6A]
Nantucket Dreams Bouquet [T182-1A]
Blue and White Elegance Corsage [T201-4A]

Love in Blue Bouquet [T182-3A]
Lady Grace Bouquet [T183-1A]
Lovely as a Rose Bouquet [T199-1A]

Green Glee Bouquet [T194-8A]
Luscious Love Bouquet [T195-1A]
Sweet Sunbeams Bouquet [T199-2A]

Best of the Garden Bouquet [T199-3A]
Fragrant Gardenia Nosegay [T196-1A]
Fairy Rose Bouquet [T204-1A]